New Roomates?

We can help!

Did you know?

New Roomates?

We can help!

They’re the masked bandits of the night. Raccoons are nocturnal animals that spend most of their day sleeping and most of their night rummaging through your trash. Apart from the mess they create from knocked over trash bins, raccoons are also known to carry dangerous diseases like rabies. Backed into a corner, raccoons can become quite vicious so it’s always best to have a trained wildlife control specialist remove them from your home.

If you suspect there are raccoons stowing away in your home, give H. P. M. Wildlife and Animal Control a call today.

Here are some signs that raccoon may have infiltrated your home:

  • Bent or broken vents on the outside of your home with scratch marks or dirt on them.
  • Chirping or growling noises are coming from your attic or fireplace.
  • Thumping noises can be heard – particularly in the early morning.
  • Droppings are similar to those of a cat and can be VERY POISONOUS. Please be sure to call a professional!

That chirping in your attic sound may also be caused by bats. Check out the "Bats/Birds" section below for useful information on finding out whether or not your home has been taken over by these supersonic pests.
Unlike raccoons or bats, skunks will usually take up residence in your home’s basement or cellar – maybe even digging a burrow close to the foundation. If you (or your dog) have ever been sprayed by a skunk, you know that removing them from the premises is best left to experienced pest control officers.

H. P. M. Wildlife and Animal Control offers affordable and proven skunk removal throughout the Tri-Cities (Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph).

You'll know you have these black and white pests by The smell - you can't miss it! If you have a skunk you'll definitely get a whiff of it.

If you suspect you have a skunk, give us a call to schedule a comprehensive assessment, we'll offer a FREE estimate and go over our attack plan to wildlife proof your home. We ensure your place is properly protected to keep these pests out in a safe and humane way!
While not a pest you normally think of, birds can cause many issues including health, cost or liability issues. Don't treat a birds as any less of a nuisance just because they sing songs or can learn to talk, they can turn your dream home to be your worst nightmare!

Did you know?

  • Birds can carry over 60 transmissible diseases
  • They can be infected with over 50 kinds of parasites GROSS!
  • Their droppings are corrosive and can cause damage to your property GROSS!
  • Government organizations and health boards regularly give citations and fines for bird mess problems

Do yourself a favour and leave these pests to the professionals! Give one quick call to the Tri-Cities’ H. P. M. Wildlife and Animal Control and we'll be happy to wildlife proof your place with soffits, wall units and vent covers for your stove, roof, bathroom and more!

For the most part, squirrels are a cute and harmless part of nature. However, when they invade your home, they can chew up your wood, cables, and pipes. Although rare, some squirrels may even carry rabies and pose a risk to you or your pets.

Don’t fret! One quick call to the Tri-Cities’ H. P. M. Wildlife and Animal Control will quickly and humanly take care of your squirrels.

Here’s how to tell if a squirrel has made a nest in your attic or crawlspace:

  • Like , homeowners are first alerted to a squirrel infestation by the sound of scurrying and scratching that can be heard through the ceiling.
  • Squirrels have teeth that are always growing, so they will often chew holes in wires or woodwork.
  • If you notice that squirrels are frequenting bird feeders or outside pet food bowls, there’s also a good chance they have invaded your home.

All of our wildlife removal services are backed by a 3 to 10-year guarantee. Rest easy knowing that once removed from your property, your uninvited guests won’t be back for years to come.
Bats! Yes, they are important insect predators and can capture hundreds of mosquitoes in one hour. However, when they inhabit our homes or buildings it can lead to serious health issues. These little brown bats require openings of only 1/4 of an inch to gain access into attics and wall spaces. Their presence can be detected by droppings, unpleasant odor and noises. We can help eliminate the problem by implementing bat proofing methods which can include one-way exclusion devices, chimney caps, vent covers, patches and more. Our goal is to remove and prevent bats from re-entry to your home or building safely and permanently.

We also offer compressive bird removal that’s quick and humane. Please call us to inquire about our bird removal services.
Mice running through your walls, chewing your wires and spreading diseases is not a fun time for any home owner. But did you know the gestational period for a litter of mice is approximately 19-21 days and females give birth to a litter of 3-14 babies? One female mouse can have approximately 5-10 litters of young per year, so mice reproduce very quickly. Female mice reach sexual maturity within six weeks of birth and males around eight weeks. That's a lot of little problems, REAL QUICK!

Our mice control services include:
  • Complete inspection of infested areas
  • Removal of mice
  • Pest control treatment
  • Prevention methods to eliminate re-entry
  • Restoration of affected areas
  • Deodorizing



For more information on our pest removal, solar proofing or power washing services, please call us or use the online form on the contact page. All work is guaranteed, and we will beat any reasonable written estimate by 10%.

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